On New Perspectives

The colour's too dull
The things look too similar
Perhaps the eyes' haze.

Mapan thokpham

Leppi mayamna
Shangna, onsinduna mai
Mingselsu yengli.
No return I long
Give that powerful impact
Change 'the' everything

Haiku in a Heart

First I form five words
Then a seven's and a five's
I got a haiku!

The limbic system. Yeah, that's where neurobiologists discovered our emotions are arranged intricately inside the brain.

There are theorists who profess that "cognitive activity—in the form of judgments, evaluations, or thoughts—is necessary for an emotion to occur." There are also several disciplinary approaches to study emotion.

But in this series, I'm concerned with 'commonplace' emotions, those feelings which we experience in our daily life. I found in haiku the ideal place to capture the superficial sense and smell.

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Punsigi khongchat wari

Chatli, soom chatli
Youde eigi panthoongfam
Punsigi lambi

Haiku on Mahadev

The Taan-dav Guru
The godfather of grass gang
The name's Mahadev

Real ideals and realistic ideas

Carefree, a child plays
The fickle butterflies flew
Finding happiness.

Those joys we have lost
Now we praise felicity
On misery's lap.

It's silver lining
We trust joy's old as the sun
The moon as sorrow.

Today the dreams block
the road to Utopia
Action! They hollered!

And so the machine
And the lab, they are proving
doubting, and guessing.
It's already March
No annual great mess yet
Are the deads alive?

More than just skin-deep

She talks with no voice
Beauty, she tells no words
It was in her grace.

The mechanic's life

Press the button, come
Work, follow the set process
Time is set, go home

Funny figures

Population thrills
More the people, larger it's
Democracy fucks.

Is education = economics?

I would learn I thought
Molded and melted I earn
It's Economics!

Interface Error

Word, notepad OK
Spreadsheet or is it spread shit
Console, tool boxes.

Peacekeeping charity

Congo to Bongo
For peace we fought, sacrificed
Cash you pay us now


Feel free to give your comments and suggestions. If you dare, send me your haikus. I can post it here :)

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Aroomba thangbaa

Chelakk-khi kanna
Famthei nangboi nangdaboi
Sor honba kaokhi.

The Escape Artist

The daytime nightmares
Sweating I rushed to my bed
I saw happy dreams

At The Tea Shop

People come, order
They narrate motleyed stories
The fag burns my throat.

Naharon haiku

Thoklase meekap
Laaklage khaiba peisa
Langlaklage bomb.

Road to Anasibek

Longer the road gets
Deeper the path we tread on
Senseless the things turn

Inside the mess

Some of us exploit
Many of us do deals, do die
For home I pen haiku


The signs of our time
Emptiness, hopeless, see that
Blank, watch the circle

Us and us

Yell and bark louder
Just criticise the demons
The kings are happy

Piktru's Psychological Narrative

In high school, I was so weak in Mathematics. I've completely done away those complex trigonometry and quadratic equations, but have kept on counting numbers, with the hope that a little more understanding of this subject will reduce the regret. The regret for being too lousy when it comes to numbers and abstract formulas. Quite surprisingly, I have found that this habit of counting is so useful in composing haikus. When I'm not sure, I go to //rhymer.com and //howmanysyllables.com.

Another thing I link to haiku is errr not Basho... but the night. Yes, I mean the nighttime when the bed is earnestly waiting for me, when there is the usual 24x7 traffic at the busy Ring Road; and that's when I give my time to haikus and blogging. Otherwise I have a day-time job as a sub-editor at one of the major publishing vendors in South East Delhi.

Been living in this city for the last five years now. Originally I belong to Manipur, an incredibly beautiful state though torn apart by violence. That politics and insurgency thing. Well, thanks for spending your time here and hope you enjoy surfing-wilfing on this blog. Happy reading!

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The Piktru Haiku Project

Woods, rivers, mountains
I said I love for love's sake
Tarzan, they called me.

Welcome to the Piktru Haiku Project. Haiku. It's a traditional Japanese lyric verse form, usually having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Find the best haiku taken out of a Manipuri on this blog.

March 16 2011

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