Piktru's Narrative

In high school, I was so weak in Mathematics. I've completely done away those complex trigonometry and quadratic equations, but have kept on counting numbers, with the hope that a little more understanding of this subject will reduce the regret. The regret for being too lousy when it comes to numbers and abstract formulas. Quite surprisingly, I have found that this habit of counting is so useful in composing haikus. When I'm not sure, I go to //rhymer.com and //howmanysyllables.com.

Another thing I link to haiku is errr not Basho... but the night. Yes, I mean the nighttime when the bed is earnestly waiting for me, when there is the usual 24x7 traffic at the busy Ring Road; and that's when I give my time to haikus and blogging. Otherwise I have a day-time job as a sub-editor at one of the major publishing vendors in South East Delhi.

Been living in this city for the last five years now. Originally I belong to Manipur, an incredibly beautiful state though torn apart by violence. That politics and insurgency thing. Well, thanks for spending your time here and hope you enjoy surfing-wilfing on this blog. Happy reading!