Maanglaba Mahei

School college kakhi
Ei lairik laisu tamkhi

Delhi Depression

How do you ignore?
The traffic is so heavy,
Wish i have a wing.

Haiku of Myself

Woods, rivers, mountains
I said I love for love's sake
Tarzan, they called me.

Haiku on Ladoo-bera

Ladoo berani
Gheeda longdao taoruba
Mayaang dukan gi

Yong Haiku

Yongjao hanuba
Thibong na khulao ama
Sakna thiriba

The Song of Desires

bring me the guitar
let's while away this nightfall
of blood, hate and pain

We killed and murdered
we found blood and hate and pain
the night will be long

seemingly painful
it is to the night itself
ah! ingratitude!

now you sing the song
whilst i play the melodies
as the night hollers

wait for the morning
and we will begin afresh
new tunes, days and hopes.