It slowly comes in
You get yourselves used to it
It's fire, it's no smoke.

Enesi Torro
Chahina niphu-taret
Masakna Zorro.

No return I long
Give that powerful impact
Change 'the' everything

Everything's loving
Everything's started blooming
Delight spirited.

I tuck it quietly
Inside our abode, react

The largest it is
The billion people's howling
Democracy fucks

The heart is broken
Glass, in its delicacy
Often hard it brooks.

Kietheldana bomb
Chakli mei, eyumdana --
Kadai chengani?

Luhonglanee' ye'
Khuraee' macha Tombado
Ngarang chelle-ye' 

Give Life a Chance!

For the land they die
For the land you and I kill
When are we living?

BT Park, Near Kangjeibung

The old BT Park
In old days we went with grass
Sometimes old men barked


Esing pirak-u
Heikru sidi yamkhreda
Eh, thumsu-thumde


Nangna thoklaga
Taisinanu mingonda
Nang yamna hounu